Turn your wine into your exclusive cosmetic

Luxury cosmetics with your brand: the marketing tool that generates income

How to create the correct marketing strategy for a luxury wine brand?

The exclusive product that conveys a message of absolute prestige and indisputable luxury of your wine brand


Are you a wine producer or a wine seller?
Create customized cosmetics made with wine with your logo and your corporate identity on them. A made in Italy product that takes advantage of the healthy properties of wine on the skin. This allows you to demonstrate that your wine is so fine and of a such high quality that it can be transformed into a beauty cream. Why should you have your own customized line of wine cosmetics?
Having your custom collection of cosmetics creates profit and shows the luxury and quality of your wines at the same time.

By this way you will increase the moments in which your audience is in contact with your brand.

Indissolubly position your name as a luxury wine brand in your customers’ mind thanks to the V.I.N.U.M. Formula

Optimized in 30 years of work in the Italian market and throughout Europe, our exclusive V.I.N.U.M. Formula allows you to have a prestigious product that enhances your brand without you having to take care of anything.
A team of experts will guide you in choosing the right wine cosmetics to propose. We will create them in our cosmetics laboratory and we will give you all the tools and strategies necessary to sell them.
This will increase your income and the perception of exclusivity of your wines, which are so good and precious that everyone should use them as skin care products.

“V” is for Valuation

A selection process to define which wine brands can also become wine cosmetics.

“I” is for Identity

A study of the identity of the company or shop, to be also reflected with suitable cosmetics.

“N” is for New custom-made cosmetic products

Creation of customized cosmetics with your wine in our laboratories.

“U” is for Unique packaging

Designed packaging with your logo and your corporate image.

“M” is for Marketing system

Instructions, techniques and operational tools to sell your wine cosmetics and gain visibility.

Why a “Formula”?

We are a chemical company that is specialized in wine cosmetics: we create the perfect system for you.